Manawai Coffee

About Us



Manawai Coffee is wildcrafted food at its unparalleled finest. The coffee trees grow wild in the Upcountry region of Maui, and are harvested in their naturally uncultivated state. Grown on rich volcanic slopes, under a tropical grove of fruit tress and a nutrient rich stream. Handpicked, micro-roasted in 1 lb batches, and packaged in Limited Editions only when ordered. Using a manually operated huller, custom built roaster, and a unique dehydration process for two of our most rare roasts.

Manawai started as an aquaponics system that a small group of friends created on a farm on Maui.  "Mana" meaning a supernatural power, and "wai" meaning fresh water. We later realized the most bountiful offering of the land we are on, was hundreds of naturally growing Red Bourbon coffee trees. We offer a perfect hybrid of wild grown Maui coffee cherries combined with artisanal processing methods- to create a sumptuous coffee experience unlike any other.

We are deeply committed to remaining in harmony with nature and the glorious island of Maui. Our coffee is sustainable, as the cherries are picked at a rate that allows the trees to naturally regrow the fruit. Also our luxurious processing methods do not make use of caged animals, and our small team of workers are paid a fair wage. With outstanding attention to the quality and care of each edition, we are continually stunned with the complexity of each roast.

Our beans are picked, milled, dried, and roasted by a single man. A man who is so passionate about coffee, that he has made it his form of art. Less than 20 lbs are made each month, with intense attention paid to the quality of every single coffee cherry that ultimately is brewed into your cup. His fascination with mastering each step of the process, and joyousness in creating remarkable coffee - has inspired us all on the Manawai Team to offer these roasts to the world.